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What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Both therapy and coaching work in and on the present moment, helping the client build awareness about patterns and why they do what they do, including uncovering and working with limiting belief systems. Therapy is more focused on healing the past, whereas coaching is more goal and future oriented. To be alive is to experience some level of trauma, but if a client's trauma is interfering with their life and is the main focus of concern, then therapy is the better choice. Similarly in couples work, often it is trauma that gets in the way of intimacy, so couples therapy may be needed, but both couples coaching and therapy can help couples relate and communicate better. Coaching is not regulated, but therapy is regulated by the state, therefore I am limited to therapy clients within the state of Colorado, but coaching clients can reside anywhere. 

What is PACT Couples Therapy?

PACT stands for Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy and was developed by Stan Tatkin. PACT draws from neuroscience, attachment theory, and biology to help couples understand how to create a win-win system that benefits the couple. Our brains are wired in ways that make relationships challenging, and understanding how to counter some of these negative automated responses and instead turn toward love are crucial for long-lasting relationships. It is not feelings of love that lead to loving behaviors, it is loving behaviors that lead to feelings of love. Successful long-term relationships are built on understanding how to love your partner through loving behaviors. Learn more about PACT

What is equine-assisted coaching and therapy?

Horses in particular are incredible at mirroring our relational patterns, self-limiting beliefs, and any incongruences between our words, thoughts, and emotions. Working with horses offers immediate feedback and fast-tracks awareness and healing. Studies have shown that humans and horses help regulate one another and our nervous systems relax together. Equine-assisted work is experiential and present-moment focused. Equine-assisted work is not horsemanship, but sessions may include exercises such as haltering and walking with a horse or grooming a horse. The farm is also home to Llamas, goats, and other wild animals such as hawks, owls and rabbits, who play a therapeutic role as well. Equine-assisted therapy and coaching is well-suited to all age groups including children and teens.  

Where are sessions held?

Equine sessions are held at WIldSong ranch in Longmont, Colorado.  All other sessions are held remotely due to Covid precautions and I will share instructions for our video call before our scheduled time. 

How do I choose a therapist or coach?

Trust yourself. I offer a complimentary phone or video session to help answer any questions and for us to get to know one another. Feel free to ask anything that will help make you more comfortable. You may discontinue coaching or therapy at any time. 

How often do I schedule sessions?

Most clients schedule every week or every other week. Often, couples tend to schedule when they are in pain, so I strongly recommend consistency with couples coaching and therapy as prevention. Working on the relationship in neutral or good times helps the difficult times feel not so difficult. Duration of coaching or therapy tends to be anywhere between six months to several years. Some couples and individuals find the help they need in one to three sessions. The client may discontinue coaching or therapy at any time. 


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