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Welcome to Mindful Relationships

Healing together, 
connecting into wholeness.

The quality of our connections and relationships defines the quality of our lives,
beginning with the relationship to ourselves.


For couples, individuals and groups

who desire healing through

mindfully relating to all aspects of life.



Welcome! Mindful relationships was founded on the belief that everything exists in relationship. Learning to be in loving relationship with ourselves and others is the greatest gift one can offer the world. When we heal ourselves and improve the ways we interact, the positive ripple effects spread across families, communities, and our planet.  ​

Gillian is committed to helping people connect to themselves, to their loved ones, and their purpose on the deepest levels. 

Gillian is a Registered Psychotherapist and Coach. Gillian is the co-founder of Global Glue Project and has interviewed couples across the globe and created a conservation effort for love and archive of the secrets of sticking together. She earned her Masters Degree in Mindfulness-Based Counseling from Naropa University. Gillian is trained as a PACT Level II Couples Therapist (Psychobiological Approach to Couple's Therapy), is a certified mindfulness and yoga Instructor, and is also trained in Equine-Assisted Therapy, Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Newfield Coaching. Gillian utilizes a tools-based, mindfulness approach. 


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Current offerings:

Work on your relationship to yourself and others through individual or couples coaching and therapy.  Offering remote and in-person sessions outdoors and equine assisted at Twin Oaks Farm outside of Boulder, Colorado. 

The Artist's Way group begins October 21st, 2020

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A course in discovering and rediscovering your creative self. 

Beginning October 21, 2020

Over the course of 6 1/2 months and 13, one-hour guided online group sessions, you will reclaim, rediscover, and reignite your creativity.


This group will offer support and accountability and a safe container for you to share insights, joys, challenges and push your creative edges together. 



I would love to connect to learn more about how I can support you. 


Schedule a free 15-minute video session or phone call to answer any questions you may have and ensure that I can support your goals. 

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