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Heal your relationships, heal the world.

Your relational health will define the quality of your life, beginning with the relationship to yourself.


Serving couples and individuals throughout Colorado.


Learning to be in loving relationship with ourselves and others is the greatest gift one can offer the world. When we heal our relationships, starting with self, everything gets better. ​

Gillian is committed to helping people connect to themselves, to their loved ones, and their purpose on the deepest levels. 

Gillian is a Registered Psychotherapist and Coach. Gillian is the co-founder of Global Glue Project, an archive of the secrets of sticking together and conservation effort for love. Her degree is in Mindfulness-Based Counseling from Naropa University. Gillian is trained as a PACT Level II Couples Therapist (Psychobiological Approach to Couple's Therapy), is a certified mindfulness and yoga Instructor, and is also trained in Equine-Assisted Therapy, Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Newfield Coaching. Gillian utilizes a tools-based, mindfulness approach. 


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Photo by Sofia Drobinskaya



I would love to connect to learn more about how I can support you. 


Schedule a free 15-minute video session or phone call to answer any questions you may have and ensure that I can support your goals. 

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"Gillian is a disarmingly compassionate person who's support has both soothed and challenged my mindset and behaviors. As a professional helper myself, she has educated me about concepts I'd thought I understood. Through witnessing my buried trauma, she has helped me construct a new and kinder narrative about myself. I am eternally grateful for Gillian's support!"

Female Client, age 46 

"Working with Gillian has significantly impacted how I am able to tackle various aspects of my life, leading to a greater sense of confidence and acceptance. Gillian masterfully creates a safe space and gently nudges me to work through tough topics, all while incorporating empathy, intuition, and logic. I highly recommend working with Gillian, she is approachable and deploys various tools to meet me where I am at each time we work together."

Female Client, age 28

"I am feeling a sense of wholeness or oneness that I have not experienced since I was a child. I truly feel blessed to be working with Gillian. She has helped me get to a place in my journey where I feel integrated with my feelings instead of pushing them away or stuffing them. I am honoring and loving myself before anyone or anything else."

Female Client, age 57

"Gillian is a true professional. There is a lot of value in her candid openness. She is a rockstar and keeps it real. Her knowledge has benefited me on a myriad of topics and issues."

Male client, age 43

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